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    It is hard to find the right words to express how I feel about the doctors and staff at your practice. Just how does one day “thank you” for saving my dog’s life? When I brought Wembley in that day, I knew he was sick, but had no idea of the severity. Dr. Tamarkin thoroughly explained what was going on, what the treatment options were, and prepared me that positive outcome was not very likely. I took the emergency surgery option and prepared myself for the worst.

    Dr. Tamarkin and Janice stayed late that night doing the operation, and although Wembley pulled through the surgery, his recovery was still uncertain,. During Wembley’s post-surgery hosptialization, I was extremely touched by the phone calls several doctors made to me to check how I was doing during that stressful time. Although my dog was their patient, their expressions of concern for me demonstrated compassion above and beyond the call of duty. It is a testament to Dr. Tamarkin’s surgical skill that Wembley is still with me. He was able to allow my dog to defy the odds.

    In addition to their lifesaving emergency care, Maple Springs also provides stellar service during visits of a less dramatic nature. Wembley and his brother, Winston, absolutely love visits to Maple Springs! They revel in all of the attention that the technicians give them and think it is a fun place. to be. The treatment that they have received over the years has been nothing short of terrific! I have recommended Maple Springs to several people, and they have all been extremely satisfied. I whole- heartedly appreciate every individual who works at Maple Springs. I know that my boys are in the absolutely best hands when they are in the care of such fantastic people!


    Jenny H.

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    “Figaro” and I, and the girls, want to thank you for all your wonderful care. You went above and beyond the call of duty and we very much appreciate it. Your hardwork and dedication are truly wonderful and you rise above the rest! Thanks for taking such good care of my bunny. He is happy and healthy!


    Caroline H. & Family

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    We cannot thank you enough for all the TLC you’ve shown to “Casey”- AND US over the years. Your professionalism and personal attention are truly qualities to be admired. You are the best! God bless each one of you for all you do.


    The H. Family

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    Dear Janice,

    Many years ago we felt very lucky to have found a Vet that was so close to our home. Today we realize how lucky we really were to have found a Vet with doctors who not only have our pet’s interests first, but also have the knowledge and training to make the correct diagnosis. It’s always a pleasure to be in your office filled with what seems like dozens of happy faces tending to our pets and to see as many as two or three Doctors discussing what will be the best treatment. We were also happily surprised to find that when one our dogs needed emergency surgery that it was being done by laser instead of with a knife. We were again surprised to receive an evening phone call checking on her well being. Your staff has provided us with everything from special need foods, to newly discovered medicines and of course the reassurances that we’ve needed to know that our pets are in great hands. Knowing what we know today, we would drive 100 miles to get to Maple Springs, my neighborhood Vet. Thanks again for everything you’ve done for Chelsea and Shayna.


    Karen & Dean Scherr

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    I am writing to express my heart felt thanks to you, Dr. Cooper and your wonderful staff. Last week I brought Jessie, my one and only kitten, in for spaying. I was, quite frankly, more than a little nervous about it. Your helpful office staff was not only sweet and kind to Jessie but they were also very patient with me. As scared as I was, this was much appreciated! Since I have had her in for vaccinations and checkups, I knew that I could trust Maple Springs to take care of her as if she were one of your own pets, but I was apprehensive because this was major abdominal surgery.

    Her surgery had been around noon, and I picked her up around 5:00PM. The best part was, after picking her up, I expected her to be sluggish and uncomfortable but much to my delight, she was active and eating within the hour after I got her home!

    This laser surgery is really incredible! By 9:00PM that night, I had to catch her jumping up on my bed! Amazingly, she out maneuvered me and easily managed to do this anyway, even though I was instructed (and tried) to keep her from running and jumping for a week after the surgery. Her return to normal was literally overnight and except for the shaved belly, no one would have known that she had undergone this surgery. I was pleasantly surprised and very, very relieved.

    With warmest thanks,

    Shelley P

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    I wanted to let you know why this particular client found this particular clinic. After all, it’s not exactly close to home (you’re many, many miles away even without traffic), it’s a good 35-45 minute haul from downtown D.C. to your particular corner of Gaithersburg.

    I found you on the Internet thanks to a link from laser equipment website. But there were other clinics- and some closer to home- that I could have used that I also found on the same hyperlinks. And I called a few of them. But what set Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital apart from the others-and led me to ask you to perform the surgery-was the quality of your front office staff. They answered the phone (and all my questions!) quickly, were professional and polite every step of the way and, most importantly, were always friendly and easy to talk to. There was a simple quality of caring that came through on the phone; watching them when I visited the clinic, it was apparent that they enjoy working with each other and with pets.

    This is not to take anything from the quality of the surgery and your “bedside” manner. I decided before I came to see you that I would go elsewhere if I didn’t have as good a feeling about you as I did about your front office staff. Happily this wasn’t the case!

    Thank you, again, for your good care of Zeke- and for the fine work of your staff in managing and caring for a nervous owner.

    Ralston C

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    The care that my cats have received from Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital especially during some recent difficult times has been outstanding. Your staff is always kind, patient and understanding.

    Irene L

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    You don’t just talk about community service. Your staff has compassionately cared for many homeless animals from the Montgomery County SPCA, including performing hundreds of reduced-cost spays and neuters.

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    I just want to thank you and the rest of your staff for your care and support during Wilbur’s illness. I have learned through this experience just how fortunate my family is to have chosen Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital. Not only are the doctors and staff professional and educated, but they are also warm compassionate. You have helped me to make decisions on Wilbur’s care comfortably and confidently by educating me on all my options.


    Tony K.