I am writing to express my heart felt thanks to you, Dr. Cooper and your wonderful staff. Last week I brought Jessie, my one and only kitten, in for spaying. I was, quite frankly, more than a little nervous about it. Your helpful office staff was not only sweet and kind to Jessie but they were also very patient with me. As scared as I was, this was much appreciated! Since I have had her in for vaccinations and checkups, I knew that I could trust Maple Springs to take care of her as if she were one of your own pets, but I was apprehensive because this was major abdominal surgery.

Her surgery had been around noon, and I picked her up around 5:00PM. The best part was, after picking her up, I expected her to be sluggish and uncomfortable but much to my delight, she was active and eating within the hour after I got her home!

This laser surgery is really incredible! By 9:00PM that night, I had to catch her jumping up on my bed! Amazingly, she out maneuvered me and easily managed to do this anyway, even though I was instructed (and tried) to keep her from running and jumping for a week after the surgery. Her return to normal was literally overnight and except for the shaved belly, no one would have known that she had undergone this surgery. I was pleasantly surprised and very, very relieved.

With warmest thanks,

Shelley P

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