Special Programs

We Now Offer the Home Again Microchip Identification System

A sad reality of pet ownership is the risk that your dog or cat will become lost or even stolen. Unfortunately, many lost pets are never returned to their owners, often because they are not identified. Home Again is a pet recovery system that can save your pet from being lost forever.

How does it work? A permanently coded identification microchip is quickly and safely injected by a veterinarian under your dog or cat’s skin. Most animal shelters and veterinary hospitals are equipped with hand-held scanners. When your pet enters one of these facilities it will be scanned and the ID code phoned in to a secured national database at Home Again. You are then contacted immediately and reunited with your pet. For more information, please call Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital at (301) 424-0373.

Referral Discount Program

As Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital continues to grow, we have realized that the greatest source of new clients comes from the referrals of our present clientele. The greatest compliment that one of our clients can give us is to recommend our hospital to one of their family, friends or associates.

We greatly value the confidence that our clients have in us and in gratitude for this we gladly provide discounts for client referrals. For each new client that is referred to Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital, the referring client will be given a 10% discount on the visit of their choice to our practice. We know that if we continue to excel in the levels of service and care that we provide our clients and their pets our practice will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

Bath Specials Are a Great Bargain!

While you can have your pet bathed at Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital any day, we offer Bath Special days every week. Depending on the size of your pet, you can save more than a few dollars and get nail trim, ear cleaning and anal sac expression (anal sac expression for dogs only) all included at no extra charge! That’s a saving of over $85.00!

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